CBSE Class 12 Board Exams 2021 | High Scoring Preparation Strategy, Preparing As Per CBSE Date Sheet

CBSE Class 12 board examinations are considered as one of the most important and crucial examination in a student’s life. This examination decides the future of a students’ career life. Before the beginning of the examinations, students get busy with their studies and plans for effective revision before examinations. At this time, some of the … Read more

What are the Different Classifications of Polygons?

In Geometry, we have learned different types of two-dimensional shapes and three-dimensional shapes. We know that 2D shapes have only two dimensions: length and breadth, whereas 3D shapes have three dimensions: length, breadth, and height. The shapes can be made up of straight lines, curves, points, lines, angles, etc. A shape that is made up … Read more