Dells is widely recognized

The Polynesian Resort’s Indoor Water Park in Wisconsin Dells is widely recognized as one of the first indoor water parks in the United States. It was this park that triggered everything with weekend occupants of the resort sky-rocketing in 1994 after a water squirting ‘gizmo’ was added to their indoor pool. Hotels and resorts in Wisconsin Dells, across American and later throughout the globe took quickly took notice. Shortly after the Wilderness Resort copied the tactic and suddenly there was an incredible boom of Indoor Water Parks in Wisconsin Dells.Today there are over 15 hotels and resorts within the WisconsinĀ  Dells featuring some of the biggest, most innovative and popular indoor water parks in the world. Local residents and visitors are now coming year-round to the Indoor Water Parks in Wisconsin Dells in droves, and families all over the world are planning their vacations to Indoor Water Parks.

The trend has not stopped there however, with Indoor Water Parks popping everywhere. Areas that previously were restricted to outdoor parks only open in the summer are taking advantage of the year round customers an indoor park offers, and winter wonderland attractions such as Boyne Mountain in Michigan are varying the vacationers options with their Avalanche Bay Indoor Water Park (appropriately themed with an icy quality). The trend has even crept across the borders of America, as attractions the size of Niagara Falls have been capitalised upon with the Fallsview Indoor Water Park being built above the great spectacle.At this point do not expect the trend starting with a couple of Indoor Water Parks in Wisconsin Dells to end anytime soon as with the immense number of vacationers heading towards an indoor water park and resort for the weekend, they are already battling to defend their title as the indoor water park capital.