Organic CBD – How True Is This Term

The term “organic” can make anyone believe that the product is in fact of the best quality. This is not always true because many manufacturers use this tactic to sell their products faster than any other supplement. The same goes for organic CBD as well.

To stop the negative selling of any product with the help of the prefix “organic”, the United States Department of Agriculture came up with the idea of offering the certification to all of the organic agricultural products and food items. This factor made it possible for the actual organic supplements to come to light from behind the shades of the knock-off products.

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The distinction of the Certified Organic Products 

Here are some of the ways with which the products are categorized in the world of organics.

  1. Organic Ingredients Made 

The products that get the certification of “Made from Organic Ingredients” will be the ones with at least 70% organic ingredients in them.

  1. 100% Organic 

Most of the ingredients that are purchased for preparing any organic product will be 100% organic in nature. Apart from the purchased ingredients, the other ingredients that are used in the preparation of any CBD supplement will also be organic produce. Such products will be certified as 100% organic products.

  1. Organic 

The products that are labeled as “Organic” are the ones with the ingredients that are free from any chemicals such as fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides, and so on. These ingredients will be irradiated and will not have any kinds of artificial additives in them.

  1. USDA Certified Organic 

The products that are made from more than 95% of the organic ingredients will get this certification.

Organic CBD 

Till a few years ago, the cannabis extracts such as hemp and CBD were not classified as safe to use. It was around 2 to 3 years back that CBD and hemp got clearance as legal supplements in a few states. Even though the cannabis extracts are considered organic supplements, the end products that are prepared using the organic ingredients need not be certified organic supplements.

Finding the Best Quality CBD Products 

Even though you will find the certification of organic supplements for some of the CBD products, you can find out whether you are paying for the genuine organic supplements are not by following these tips.

  • Look for the source of CBD and understand whether the source of cannabis is an organic one or not.
  • Check the lab results as explained by the third-party labs. You will find out about the usage of contaminants in these lab certificates.
  • Look for the basic ingredients and check whether they are as genuine as they are described in the certificates.

Follow these tips and find authentic organic products for your money.